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UOP Contaminant Removal from NGLs brochure (3 MB) UOP-Mercury-Removal-for-Natural-Gas-Production-brochure (1 MB) International modular Gas processing Plant brochure UOP Hydroprocessing Brochure (438 KB) Callidus Burner Parts Brochure (1 MB) Callidus Rental Brochure (1 MB) Callidus Installation Brochure (2 MB) Callidus Thermal Oxidizer Brochure (3 MB) Callidus Catalyst Systems Brochure (1 MB) Callidus Scepter Pilot Brochure (1 MB) Callidus Jade Burner Brochure (1 MB) UOP SeparSIV™ System for Lean Natural Gas Processing brochure (694 KB) UOP Hydrogen Management Services brochure (662 KB) UOP Mercury Removal for Natural Gas Production brochure (627 KB) UOP Offshore Gas Processing brochure (581 KB) Separex™ Membrane Systems brochure (420 KB) Small-Scale LNG brochure (830 KB) Catalyst Raises Kero-Treating Performance Hazop Studies UOP-Overview-brochure UOP-Expert-Systems-brochure (1 MB) UOP-Molsiv-UI-94-Adsorbent-brochure UOP Versal Alumina Brochure (2 MB) UOP-Career-Development-Program-for-Chemical-Engineers-brochure (1 MB) UOP-Career-Development-Program-for-Civil-Mech-Engineers-brochure (1 MB) UOP-IONSIV-Selective-Media-brochure UOP Mercury Removal for Natural Gas Production (621 KB) UOP-2012-Training-Course Schedule UOP-Career-Development-Program-for-Civil-Mech-Engineers-brochure (1 MB) Formulating with MOLSIV Powders Brochure (840 KB) UOP Molecular Sieves in Urethane Systems (472 KB) UOP Adsorbents to Prevent Gas Build-up in Zinc-rich Coatings (603 KB) UOP IONSIV Ion Exchangers (1 MB) Adsorbents Solutions in Refining (554 KB) UOP Adsorbents for the Purification of Olefin and Polymer Process Streams (2 MB) Honeywell Green Jet Fuel Brochure (781 KB) UOP MOLSIV Adsorbents Brochure (1 MB) UOP Training Engagements Brochure (526 KB) UOP Materials Engineering Services (2 MB) UOP Field Operating Services (657 KB) UOP Olefin Production Solutions Brochure (273 KB) UOP-Career-Development-Chemical-Eng-Brochure UOP 2011 Dhahran Training Course Schedule (621 KB) UOP Ethanol Dehydration Solutions Brochure (282 KB) UOP APG-III Adsorbent Brochure (707 KB) UOP MOLSIV Handling Procedures Brochure (347 KB) UOP GB Adsorbent Handling Procedures Brochure (847 KB) UOP Unicracking Catalyst New Generation Brochure (642 KB) UOP Energy & CO2 Management Brochure (370 KB) UOP-Web-Based-Training-Brochure (666 KB) UOP-Dhahran-Technical-Center-Brochure (621 KB) UOP Expert Systems Troubleshooting Brochure (359 KB) UOP OpAware Service Brochure (285 KB) UOP-Training-Simulator-Brochure (990 KB) UOP Turnaround Services Workshop Brochure (151 KB) UOP Hydrogen Management Solutions Brochure (1 MB) UOP Technolgy Integrated Profitability Solutions Brochure (711 KB)

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UOP MOLSIV Moleculer Sieves for Gas Processing Datasheet (285 KB) 50-Years of PSA Technology for H2 Purification Latest Technologies to Meet Paraxylene Market Opportunities Optimal Hydroprocessing Reactor Performance Modular Unit Doubles Gasoline Output Increasing Efficiency of Hot Potassium Carbonate CO2 Removal Systems (224 KB) Unconventional Gas Primer and Implications for Gas Processsing whitepaper (943 KB) Optimizing Naphtha Complexes in the Tight Oil Boom (1 MB) Shale Gas Monetization: How to Get Into the Action (916 KB) Methanol-to-Olefins Technology Article in Hydrocarbon Engineering Dec. 2013 Catalyst Raises Kero-Treating Performance More Value from the Bottom of the Barrel (811 KB) UOP-Maximize-Propylene-from-your-FCC-unit-paper (823 KB) UOP Optimizing Hydrogen Production and Use White Paper (535 KB) Maximize Heavy Oil Conversion & Flexibility with the UOP Uniflex Process (564 KB) UOP Hydroprocessing Innovations Maximize Assets Drive Results (1 MB) UOP Technologies for Aromatic Derivatives (17 KB) UOP LNG Integrated Pretreatment Onshore and Offshore (2 MB) UOP FCC Propylene Production Closing the Market Gap by Leveraging Existing Assets (903 KB) Upgrade FCC Performance (2 MB) UOP Benzene Saturation Technology Advances UOP The Role of the Merox Process in Ultra Low Sulfur Transport Fuels Production Tech Paper (325 KB) UOP CCR Catalysts Target A Range of Objectives Tech Paper (1 MB) UOP Increasing Catalytic Reforming Yields Tech Paper (90 KB) UOP Advanced Mercury Removal Technologies Technical Presentation (1 MB) UOP Amine Guard Technology for Acid Gas Removal Technical Presentation (807 KB) UOP CO2 From Ethane Technical Paper (1 MB) UOP Continued Development of Gas Separation Membranes Technical Paper (740 KB) Cost Effective Natural Gas Conditioning Technical Paper (176 KB) Design, Fabrication & Startup of an Offshore Separex Membrane System (1 MB) Extending Molecular Sieve Life (363 KB) Hybrid Systems for More Efficient Gas Conditioning (1 MB) Intregrated Liquids Recovery Improves LNG Efficiency from Ortloff (132 KB) UOP LNG Feed Pretreatment Technology (290 KB) Meeting Staged CO2 Capture Requirements with UOP SELEXOL (897 KB) LNG Integrated Pretreatment Onshore and Offshore (2 MB) UOP & Ortloff NGL, LPG and Sulfur-Recovery Technologies (1 MB) Mercury Removal From Natural Gas and Liquid Streams (187 KB) UOP Gas Processing Technology and Applications Overview Proper Pretreatment Systems Reduce Membrane Replacements and Improve Reliability (712 KB) UOP Selexol Technology for Acid Gas Removal (767 KB) FCC Propylene Production Technical Paper (157 KB) UOP FCC Energy Optimization Tech Paper (408 KB) Novel Integration of FCC Flue Gas Power Recovery (359 KB) A New Approach to Heavy Oil and Bitumen Upgrading (448 KB) Maximizing Diesel in Existing Assets – NPRA 2009 Technical Paper (302 KB) Integration of Membranes into Natural Gas Process Schemes (184 KB) UOP-LCO-Upgrading-for-added-value-improved-returns-tech-paper (2 MB) UOP Advanced Mercury Removal Technologies Tech Paper (746 KB) UOP World Scale LNG Feed Pretreatment Technology Tech Paper (287 KB) UOP Hydrorefining Green Diesel Tech Paper (246 KB) UOP-25-Years-of-RFCC-Innovation-tech-paper (2 MB) UOP-hydroracking- process- catalyst-innovations-paper (173 KB) UOP-Uniflex-slurry -treatment-alternative-paper (270 KB) UOP Capturing-Opportunities for Para-xylene Production Tech Paper (265 KB) UOP-Improving-Energy-Efficiency-Paper (272 KB) UOP-Energy-Management-Solutions-Paper (910 KB) Optimizing For An Improved Hydrogen Network Technical Paper (308 KB)