Ongoing Operations

Minimize downtime and increase profits

Control costs and improve margins with UOP Plant Operations services, asset integrity services, training and service plans.

Maintain safety and reliability while increasing profitability

UOP Plant Operations Support keeps your process units operating profitably, reliably and safely. Our experts complete the transfer of UOP technology, support your start-up activities and provide troubleshooting expertise and technical backup.

  • Process Technology Analysis & Support to review your operations for optimal process and catalyst performance. UOP Technology Services is composed of highly skilled engineers and scientists who have both depth and breadth of knowledge in the refining and petrochemicals industry. Our experts combine deep knowledge of specific process technologies with expert general knowledge of the overall refining industry and the interactions between different technologies within the facility.
  • Analytical Support for on-site or remote analysis of your processes for optimal performance.
  • Operations Monitoring through the UOP OpAware™ system for remote, real-time collaboration with UOP technical specialists to maximize on-stream performance and profitability. Installed at more than 100 process units worldwide, the OpAware system provides standardized data across units or facilities, allowing your staff and/or UOP’s experts online secure visibility into your plant to improve unit performance.

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Avoid downtime

Avoid downtime through equipment inspection during planned turn-arounds or unexpected shutdowns. UOP’s highly qualified team of inspectors provide practical advice to augment your inspection plan. You will see increased mechanical integrity and quicker process knowledge transfer in your plant when working with UOP.

  • Inspection Services help you avoid downtime and maximize your operating efficiency by identifying potential asset issues, plan cost-effective maintenance schedules and provide assessments of your key equipment and processes. UOP maintains a worldwide inspection services group to help our customers consistently execute high quality inspection programs that can help maximize process unit safety, reliability, availability and profitability. Our highly trained, experienced and certified inspection engineers assist in equipment field inspection during planned turnarounds, fit for service inspections after incidents, shop inspection, and inspection planning and training.
  • Metallurgy Support including a world-class metallurgical laboratory for failure analysis, material characterization, materials selection, fitness for service evaluations and remaining-life analysis.
  • Mechanical Engineering Support including basic and detailed designs, facilitate fabrication, delivery to site and plant erection support. Our engineering designs work with our technology to help ensure operation at the highest level of performance.
  • Equipment Reliability Assessments optimize life-cycle costs and minimize repair and start-up costs with proactive maintenance, operator-led reliability, corrosion control, design improvements and performance monitoring.
  • Turn-around Services are focused on turning opportunities into reality. The objective is to help you be well prepared for the next turnaround to help you focus on repairs and upgrades that will lead to safer, more reliable operations with improved performance.
  • Fired Heater Assessments improve heater efficiency and safety by identifying operational opportunities in your heaters.

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Build employee skills for safe and effective operations

Training is an integral part of UOP’s technology delivery and knowledge transfer process. Successful operation of refineries and petrochemical plants depends on having well-trained personnel to operate and maintain the various process units. UOP provides training and development programs to the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries.

Our courses are offered on-site or online, whichever best fits your operational or budgetary needs. Our course material has been developed following modern instructional design criteria and our instructors are well versed in adult education techniques. Our standard courses focus on operating licensed process technologies, refinery and process unit design, operations optimization, and specialized equipment operation.

In addition to more traditional training opportunities UOP also offers customized training programs based on the specific needs of your refining or petrochemicals organization. These programs are developed in conjunction with refinery personnel and can run from weeks to months in duration for as few as one person to hundreds of employees.

Our training courses include:

  • Engineering design seminars
  • Process technology training
  • Simulation-based troubleshooting
  • Engineering and technical service residency programs
  • Equipment inspection training
  • Operational workshops

Training tools include:

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Continuous service & support

Keep your process units operating efficiently and effectively with a UOP Service Agreement.

Our worldwide network of regional technical staff supports the delivery, start-up and ongoing operation of UOP technology at your site, and helps you identify opportunities for maximizing profits through key technology.

With a UOP Service Agreement you get continuous interaction with UOP which can provide early detection of potential problems, quick solutions when problems do occur and optimized scheduling of equipment maintenance and catalyst and adsorbent change-outs.

The value of the services agreement lies in the continuous communication with UOP through a single point of contact . It provides a contractual framework that enables UOP to respond rapidly to your needs. In addition, services are provided at preferential rates.

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