Start up & Stay up

Shorten your start-up time and improve your reliability. Ensure your unit meets specs and that your operators and engineers have the skills for safe and successful operation.

Technical expertise at your fingertips.

UOP offers a complete suite of on-site field services to provide you with the support you need to get your unit up and running and to keep it that way.

  • Check-out & Commissioning includes on-site start-up, commissioning and test-run support to ensure unit construction meets design specifications for on time, on budget and on spec production.
  • Catalyst Support ensures that your catalyst loadings are handled properly and loaded to UOP’s standards. UOP’s dense loading technology has been widely used to increase operating severity, cycle length, and throughput.
  • Adsorbent support, available globally, enables our support engineers to be on-site, offering functional process design to maximize the efficiency of our adsorbents. Field start-up assistance also ensures quick and effective implementation of our adsorbents. Our technical support staff can also provide performance evaluations to facilitate preventive action and troubleshooting services to proactively diagnose problems.
  • Troubleshooting for on-site or remote monitoring for safe and economical operations.
  • Inspection Services to avoid downtime through equipment inspection during plant fabrication and unit start-up
  • Metallurgy Support including a world-class metallurgical laboratory and access to experts who support materials selection, material characterization, failure analyses, and fitness for service evaluations
  • Mechanical Engineering Support with UOP engineers providing basic and detailed designs. Our team facilitates fabrication, delivery and erection, and we design products to be used in our licensed technology to help ensure operation at the highest level of performance

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Knowledge transfer opportunities for optimum start-up and on-going operations

UOP has been providing training and development programs to the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries for decades. Our courses and tools focus on developing the skills of your operators and process engineers to improve your profitability, assure safe operations, optimize unit operation and respond to emergency situations when they occur.

Technical Training is an integral part of UOP’s technology delivery and knowledge transfer process. UOP works with customers to define multi-year, enhancement programs for your staff using state of the art learning tools such as web-based training, process unit simulators and troubleshooting tools, as well as instructor-led training to ensure your workforce is prepared for any challenge.

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