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UOP MOLSIV 2000 mini beads; consistent bead size, high water capacity, low dust with every order.

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Adsorbents for insulating glass: see-through reliability

Your entire shipment of windows is returned. The slight fog between the panes of insulating glass has cost you an entire production run that you can’t afford to lose. This is every window manufacturer’s nightmare.

You can avoid increased unit stresses and loss of insulating properties with UOP’s molecular sieve adsorbents. Developed for residential and commercial sealed insulating glass, we have the most reliable, effective way to adsorb water and organic solvents within your dual pane windows. Using our adsorbents can keep your windows in the clear.

High capacity UOP MOLSIV™ adsorbents remove and trap water and solvents, maximizing the life of your units. We have a variety of products for different systems and needs:

  • Window systems with metal spacers
  • Units with a desiccant matrix or polymer spacer
  • Systems that require both water and organic vapor removal
  • Solvent-free systems

Contact us to understand which solutions will work best for you.

In addition to superior adsorbent products, we offer a comprehensive MOLSIV Insulating Glass Engineering Services software program. This service can help you evaluate the cost, insulating properties, and deflection and stress characteristics of insulating glass units for a wide range of designs, dimensions, gas filling options and exposure conditions.

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UOP Windows Adsorbents

Please contact us for more information on any of the products listed below.

Product Application
MOLSIV™ 2000 (10×20 & minibead) The preferred insulated glass desiccant with the lowest air and inert gas capacity to minimize deflection and seal stress.
MOLSIV™ 4000 (10×20) Homogeneous molecular sieve product with an optimized combination of water and solvent capacity to prevent window fogging.
IG-2000 & 4000 Basic molecular sieve products that prevent solvent and water fogging.
XL-8 (1.3mm, minibeads & extra minibeads) The preferred European desiccant option for high water capacity and low air adsorption.
HM-2000 The preferred desiccant for hot melt sealed units due to its optimized combination of low air adsorption and tailored solvent capacity.
DS-2000 The preferred sieve for polysulphide and dual sealed units due to its superior solvent capacity.
3A-AP Activated powder used for water scavenging in moisture-sensitive systems, such as in insulated glass matrix formulations.
13X-AP Activated powder suitable for solvent adsorption in insulated glass matrix formulations.