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Smaller, Lighter, More Efficient

UOP OXYSIV™ MDX provides twice the nitrogen capacity of earlier adsorbents for smaller, more energy efficient and lighter oxygen concentrators.

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Adsorbents for medical oxygen: breathe deeply

The prescribed use of oxygen to address COPD and other respiratory ailments is expected to grow significantly in the future. UOP’s OXYSIV™ molecular sieve adsorbents help make smaller and more energy efficient medical oxygen concentrators to meet patient needs more effectively.

UOP offers two molecular sieves for medical oxygen applications: OXYSIV 5 XP and OXYSIV MDX adsorbent. In a concentrator, air passes through a packed bed of OXYSIV where nitrogen is adsorbed, concentrating the 20 percent atmospheric oxygen to 90 percent or greater. MDX is a lithium-exchanged molecular sieve that provides twice the nitrogen capacity of earlier adsorbents, which permits the design of the smallest, most energy efficient units. This technology has enabled a new class of portable oxygen concentrators.

UOP developed the first commercially viable adsorbent for medical oxygen applications. We remain committed to continuous improvements to the performance, consistency and cost effectiveness of our products.

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UOP Medical Oxygen Adsorbents

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Product Application
OXYSIV MDX Optimized performance for all units and portables
OXYSIV 5XP Stationary and transportable concentrators