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Access a full range of sweetening catalysts from the world’s largest supplier of sweetening and extraction solutions.

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UOP Merox™ Treating Catalysts

UOP’s MeroxTM Process is a leading technology for LPG Extraction, Gasoline Sweetening, and Jet/Kerosene Sweetening. For over 50 years, UOP has served the refining industry to meet increasingly difficult sulfur regulations and has more than 1800 process units worldwide.

Merox Extraction

Merox WS-2 catalyst is specially formulated to selectively oxidize mercaptans in liquid-liquid Merox LPG extraction units. It is available in a variety of packaging options to fit the needs of any installation.

Merox Sweetening

UOP offers a full range of catalysts for use in Merox sweetening units. Our offering includes Merox FB, Merox No. 8, and Merox No. 10. If your priority is processing tougher feedstocks, Merox No. 10 catalyst and/or Merox Plus catalyst activator can help achieve your treating objectives. Merox No. 8 catalyst is a pre-impregnated catalyst useful when turnaround time and environmental concerns are critical. Merox FB is a site impregnated catalyst used for initial and re-impregnations.  UOP also currently offers the only caustic-free process and catalyst options for refiners who wish to eliminate caustic usage in their mercaptan sweetening units.

All of UOP’s Merox products are manufactured in UOP ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities and are available in ready-to-use form. UOP employs strict quality controls for all our products, for consistent quality every time.

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Treating Catalysts

UOP offers premium high activity mercaptan treating catalysts for use in Merox
units. For ease of handling and use, Merox FB and Merox WS-2 come in convenient, ready-to-use liquid forms. Please contact us for more information on any of the products listed below.

Merox FB
Merox WS-2

Pre-impregnated UOP Merox Catalysts

UOP offers a range of ready-to-use, pre-impregnated catalysts applied on a premium activated carbon support. Compared to do-it-yourself catalyst preparation, the benefits of UOP catalysts include faster unit start-ups, shorter turnaround times, reduced operator exposure, high catalyst activity, uniform product quality, and long catalyst life. Please contact us for more information on any of the products listed below.

Merox No. 8
Merox No. 10
Merox No. 21
Merox No. 31

UOP Merox Catalyst Promoters

UOP offers several commercially proven high activity catalyst promoters for use in Merox fixed-bed process units. These activators help fixed-bed Merox catalysts sustain high initial activity throughout their life and drive continued performance. Please contact us for more information on any of the products listed below.

Merox Plus
Merox CF