Highest Yield, Lowest Platinum

UOP’s newest Oleflex Catalyst, the DeH-16, offers the best performance with the lowest platinum content  in our portfolio to date.

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Advanced Catalysts Solutions for Olefins Production

If you need control over propylene feedstock costs, you may want a dedicated source of high-quality polymer-grade propylene. The UOP Oleflex process combined with our platinum catalysts to promote dehydrogenation reactions offers you the ideal approach.

Our DeH family of olefin production catalysts supports dehydrogenation in the Oleflex process.

The lastest generation DeH product, the UOP DeH-16 catalyst, provides 30% higher coking stability, and the same high activity and selectivity offered by the earlier generation DeH-14 catalyst. Not only does the DeH-16 maintain high activity and selectivity, with low attrition rates required for the dehydrogenation process, it also has lower platinum investment than earlier catalysts.

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