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Our continued committment to the development of detergents technologies and products is helping to decrease your utility and capital requirements.

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Catalysts for High Quality Detergents Production

Linear Alkylbenzene

UOP specializes in the development of catalysts that enable both new and existing operations to produce high quality LAB. Almost all new LAB complexes built in the last two decades have used UOP technology including the Pacol process, PEP process, DeFine process and Detal process.

You can maximize production of LAB in your new and existing units using a variety of UOP catalysts:

  • DeH-11 – excellent stability and selectivity in your UOP Pacol unit
  • DeH-201 – maximizes production in your LAB unit
  • H-14 and ADS-102 – maximize performance of your DeFine and PEP units
  • DA-114 – our newest solid acid catalyst replaces the liquid hydrofluoric acid catalyst previously required in Detal units


The UOP ADS-34 adsorbent is a high-performance, solid zeolitic adsorbent that enables your Molex unit to produce 99 wt% pure n-paraffin products at more than 97 wt% recovery per pass.

Higher Olefins

For higher olefin production, UOP also offers SPA catalysts that offer productivity of 100 to 150 gallons of product per pound of catalyst for higher olefin production and over 99.9% selectivity. The highly stable SPA-1 and SPA-2 catalysts promote the oligomerization of light olefins to produce liquid olefin products.

UOP’s catalyst experts can help you find the best technology solution for your particular complex.

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