Project Economics


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Honeywell Green Jet FuelTM – Advanced Renewable Fuel Alternative to Traditional Jet Fuel

Renewable fuels production using UOP technologies

Typical ISBL (Inside Battery Limits) erected capital cost estimates for an Ecofining™ process unit or a UOP Renewable Jet Fuel Process™ unit are significantly lower than competing solutions, with a proven ability to process high volumes of feedstock. Variable production costs per gallon for Honeywell Green Diesel™ are significantly lower than alternatives such as biodiesel (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester, or FAME, technology) due to: the highly selective catalysts, the ability to utilize lower-cost feedstocks while providing superior product quality, and the low density of the green diesel.

UOP can support your needs for project development with:

  • Project scoping for new units or revamps/retrofits
  • Feasibility studies and refinery configuration studies
  • Technology licensing & basic engineering
  • Modular plant design and fabrication
  • Catalysts and proprietary equipment
  • Training & technical services

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