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Honeywell Green Jet Fuel – Advanced Renewable Fuel Alternative to Traditional Jet Fuel

Made from the UOP Renewable Jet Fuel ProcessTM, Honeywell Green Jet Fuel meets or exceeds the most rigorous jet fuel standards for performance, and can be made from a variety of sustainable feedstocks.

Honeywell Green Jet Fuel can be blended in a 50/50 ratio with petroleum-based jet fuel and it offers significant advantages over petroleum jet fuel:

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  • Can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65-85% compared with petroleum-based fuels, based on UOP’s lifecycle analysis.
  • Has shown higher energy density in flight, which allows aircraft to fly farther on less fuel
  • Meets or exceeds critical jet fuel specifications, such as: flash point, freeze point, stability and heat of combustion
  • Drop-in replacement fuel that requires no changes to aircraft technology or fuel infrastructure

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UOP produced more than 1 million gallons of Honeywell Green Jet Fuel for the U.S. Military and commercial aviation partners. The fuel was used to test, demonstrate and fully approve the use of this fuel. ASTM International approved aviation biofuels made from natural oils for commercial flight in 2011.

The chemistry – comparison of petroleum jet fuel and Honeywell Green Jet Fuel

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Produce renewable jet fuel or renewable diesel based on market demand and market price

The UOP Renewable Jet Fuel process is a versatile solution for producing green jet fuel and green diesel from a range of sustainable feedstocks. This technology allows producers to both meet regulatory compliance obligations for renewable energy content in the transportation fuels sector, and to produce high-quality fuel that can enhance the quality of petroleum fuels.

Our process to produce green jet fuel is a feedstock-flexible solution that converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks such as algae or camelina into high-quality, on-spec renewable jet fuel. The technology was developed under a grant from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The UOP Renewable Jet Fuel process offers several advantages:

  • Produces HEFA-SPK: Bio-Derived Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (Bio-SPK), or Green Jet Fuel, from hydro-processed esters and fatty acids; fuel meets all properties of ASTM D7566
  • Feedstock flexible: Processes a wide range oils and fat, without limiting sourcing capability to one type of feed
  • Makes valuable hydrocarbon co-products: Green Diesel, Green Naphtha or Green LPG
  • Reduce costs and risks of compliance: Make renewable fuels instead of buying them to help avoid market-driven fluctuations
  • High yields: Minimize feedstock consumption – reduce low value co-product volumes
  • Attractive economics with impressive payback: High IRR with moderate capital cost
  • Standalone or Integrated plant: Build a new facility or leverage existing infrastructure to reduce capital and operating costs Learn more about revamps
  • Ability to swing anywhere between Maximum Green Jet and Maximum Green Diesel production to meet market demand
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See Honeywell Green Jet Fuel in Flight

Commercial production of renewable fuel is a reality

AltAir Fuels to operate the first full-scale plant dedicated to producing renewable jet fuel for commercial and military use

Starting in 2015, AltAir Fuels will produce low-carbon, renewable jet fuel and other renewable products using UOP’s Renewable Jet Fuel Process, with the flexibility to adjust the product mix between diesel and jet fuel to meet market demands. United Airlines will purchase 15 million gallons of this fuel over a three-year period, with the option to purchase more. The AltAir facility, a retrofit of an existing petroleum refinery in Paramount, Calif., will be the first refinery in the world designed to continuously produce both renewable jet and diesel fuels.

Petrixo Oil & Gas – the first commercial-scale renewable jet fuel production facility outside North America

Starting in 2017, Petrixo Oil & Gas plans to use the UOP Renewable Jet Fuel process technology to process approximately 500,000 metric tons per year of renewable feedstocks into Honeywell Green Jet FuelTM and Honeywell Green DieselTM at a new facility in the United Arab Emirates.

UOP is putting renewable fuels on the map

From Italy to Louisiana, our technology is commercially producing renewable diesel. And from California to the United Arab Emirates, commercial production of renewable jet fuel is on the way. Use the map below to explore the history of military and commercial flights using Honeywell Green Jet Fuel and Honeywell Diesel applications.


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