Refinery Projects

Refinery-wide services can offer improved ROI, shorter execution, improved environmental performance and more

UOP has the knowledge and experience to help in the development and design of your refinery project. We offer a variety of services including the role as single-source managing licensor for your project, offering exceptional value for multi-unit, integrated complexes.

Put Knowledge & Expertise to Work to Meet Your Needs


Maximum ROI requires that a new refinery, major revamp, or existing asset optimization have maximum feedstock flexibility and meet today/tomorrow’s changing product slates and product specifications… all while minimizing capital investment, operating cost, and environmental impact.

Utilizing state-of-the-art LP modeling and cost/utility estimating tools, the key to UOP’s value is our process knowledge and ability to offer customized performance estimates during the configuration planning phase. In a staged-investment strategy, as capacity needs, product slate, and product specification evolve, UOP offers unique knowledge in modifying existing assets, via revamp or catalyst change to achieve this “future” configuration, minimizing initial and overall investment costs.

Also, UOP configuration studies are robust enabling much more rapid and efficient transition into design – a critical factor for rapid project execution.

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Further Optimize for Project & Cost Efficiency

Design Basis Optimization

Following initial configuration and feasibility studies, UOP will complete Design Basis Optimization studies to further optimize multi-unit aspects of the complex, establishing firm and optimized design bases for individual units.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimized refinery economics consistent with flexibility/economic scenarios
  • Achieve finished product specifications, including any seasonal variations, at lowest capital and operating cost.
  • Basic engineering design for all process units can begin simultaneously.
  • Costly “Recycle” of design work later in the project, to consider optimization, and then make associated changes, is avoided.

The Design Basis Optimization studies focus on:

  • Cut point optimization
  • Optimization of intermediate stream routing
  • Product blending analysis and optimization
  • Major equipment minimization
  • Preliminary optimization of the refinery hydrogen system

Output of this work is the final design basis parameters for the individual process units, allowing rapid execution of process and project design work for all process units, in parallel and without recycle.

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Improve Operational Profitability

During the basic engineering design or Schedule A development phase, UOP continues optimization and integration studies:

  • Energy optimization of the entire refinery – UOP uses state-of the-art proprietary methods to complete pinch analysis and optimize energy usage within each process unit and exchange across units. These energy savings also result in a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions from the refinery.
  • Hydrogen Management – UOP completes the hydrogen optimization study for the refinery using the preliminary study results, simulation models and H2 pinch techniques to optimize the use and recovery of H2 throughout the refinery.
  • Product Routing for Non-Standard Operations – UOP can work with the refinery operations group to define likely non-standard operations which will occur during commissioning and scheduled turnaround.

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Avoid Delays & Conflicts

UOP’s leadership role continues through the basic engineering design work with interfacing management.

Project Meetings

UOP will coordinate all the process unit engineering kick-off and design review meetings. This avoids delays and conflicts, and minimizes the amount of time required by key refinery staff. This includes attending the meetings for the non-UOP design units including the CDU/VDU, Delayed Coker, H2 Plant, Sulfur Plant, Amine and Sour Water Units, and Utility Systems to ensure the overall refinery is optimized and consistent.

The interfacing management of all battery limit cross-ties between UOP and non-UOP units, including oversight of the alternate routing plan, and design basis on-going consistency and communication with the non-UOP licensed unit designers is part of the UOP Managing Licensor role.

Feed Contractor interfacing

UOP will attend the kick-off meeting with the selected FEED contractor to clarify scope of work issues, deliverables and schedule to provide a smooth integration of the UOP managed work and the FEED contractor work.

This includes coordinating with the FEED Contractor to procure long lead critical equipment.

Start-Up Smoothly

UOP offers a complete suite of start-up services and training to provide you with the support you need to get your unit up and running and to ensure that your staff can operate safely, effectively and efficiently.

Training is an integral part of our technology delivery and knowledge transfer process. Train your staff using state-of-the-art experiential learning tools such as web-based training, process unit simulators and troubleshooting tools to ensure a skilled workforce for your start-up and ongoing operations.

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