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Meet growing demand, increase product revenue, improve processing efficiency and utilize alternate feedstocks

Worldwide petrochemical growth continues to be strong, particularly in developing economies. UOP’s industry leading technologies provide solutions to meet this demand for Aromatics, Olefins, and LAB. Today’s producers face the challenges of processing, energy efficiency and feedstock availability. Plants are getting larger, putting pressures on capital investment, on-stream reliability, and product quality. UOP is focusing on these issues while exploring refining/petrochemical integration and alternate feedstocks routes. We also support existing producers with revamps and catalyst/adsorbent replacements to improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness.

Learn more about our petrochemical process solutions:

Aromatics – Optimize production through integrated solutions.

Aromatic Derivatives – Efficiently transform aromatics into value-added intermediates.

Olefins – Success through innovation to expand your complex and increase value.

Detergents – Next generation LAB processes lower costs for a better bottom line.