Synthesis Gas Processing


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UOP SeparALL Process


UOP SeparALL Overview

Clean synthesis gas at the lowest possible capital and operating costs

Working with a single technology provider to design and specify the entire gas purification block helps reduce negotiated yields, composition and hand-off of documents. It also eliminates plant overdesign, clarifications between technology providers, shortens the project schedule, and helps ensure a smooth start-up.

Acid Gas Removal
Extensive gas separation and purification process technologies produce clean syngas for a range of applications.

UOP offers efficient sulfur removal at a lower cost for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power generation with the SeparALL process that uses a physical solvent to remove acid gases from synthesis gas streams. The process efficiently removes these harmful contaminants to help you meet product specifications, protect downstream processing equipment and comply with environmental regulations.

Hydrogen Purification
In gasification applications, UOP combines upstream contaminant removal using the UOP SeparALL process process with Polysep™ Membrane and Polybed™ PSA systems for hydrogen purification. UOP also can supply integrated Polysep Membrane and Polybed PSA systems for optimized recovery and purification of hydrogen and H2/CO syngas.