Offshore Gas Processing



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Offshore Gas Processing Brochure

Offshore Gas Processing

To meet the growing demand for natural gas, the industry has moved offshore. Whether on a fixed platform or floating vessel, UOP has the innovative technology to help you solve complex offshore challenges and maximize the value from your gas.


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Meet your project goals with our proven offshore gas processing solutions. They can affect significant reductions in space and weight reliably and economically.

Mercury Removal
UOP adsorbent solutions remove mercury from offshore natural gas streams to help protect downstream piping and processing equipment. Deployed in more than 30 applications, the regenerable and non-regenerable systems offer infrequent change-outs, longer adsorbent lifespan, and reduced footprints for smaller vessels to enhance profitability.

Dehydration and Dew Pointing
Dew pointing helps avoid downstream equipment operability issues associated with condensation and liquid slugging and controls the gas heating value. UOP technology helps prepare natural gas for cryogenic processing by eliminating water from the gas.

Acid Gas Removal
Regardless of your circumstances – whether a solvent-based or membrane-based solution works for your operation, UOP’s proven portfolio of offshore gas processing solutions will help ensure that your project is optimized to remove acid gas.