Full catalyst utilization, optimum temperature profiles and maximum product selectivity

Key Mechanical Equipment, in conjunction with state-of-the-art process design and superior catalyst technology, ensures maximum profitability from your hydrocracking or hydrotreating unit.

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UOP Reactor Internals Provide Proven Performance

Reactor internals are a critical part of UOP’s hydroprocessing technology package. Maximum catalytic performance is achieved through good vapor/liquid mixing and distribution across the catalyst bed. Good distribution results in maximum catalyst utilization from start to end-of-run, maximizing product selectivity and catalyst run length.

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UOP Reactor Internals package includes the following:

  • Inlet Diffuser
  • Rough liquid distribution tray
  • Uniflow vapor/liquid distribution tray
  • Catalyst support grid
  • Quench zone
  • Outlet collector

UOP Uniflow vapor/liquid distribution tray is the latest improvement in this technology, and is a key technology enabler for superior hydrocracking and hydrotreating unit performance. With wide commercial acceptance, the Uniflow tray has shown superior performance as measured by even radial temperature profiles and excellent diesel and/or gasoline selectivity.

Benefits of UOP Reactor Internals include:

  • Improved product selectivity
  • Increased catalyst activity and cycle length
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Good distribution over a broad range of liquid and gas flow rates

UOP’s hydroprocessing reactor internals are custom designed and fabricated for each application to ensure maximum performance over the desired range of operating conditions. UOP equipment specialists oversee the design, fabrication, and installation providing a single-source responsibility for this critical hydroprocessing technology feature. Our close working relationship several of worldwide fabricators insures maximum quality, short delivery times and low cost.

Today, over 400 operating hydroprocessing units utilize UOP technology with over 600 distribution tray installations.

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