Callidus® Environmental and Combustion Technologies

Aero TM Radiant Wall Burner

Low maintenance solution that reduces emissions and operating costs while handling high hydrogen content fuel without flashback

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Parts and Services

Retrofit parts and service for the refining and petrochemical industries.

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nViro XSR

4th Generation elevated flare technology provides 175% greater smokeless rates while using 64% less steam of 3G flares.

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Combustion School

Turn to our experts for invaluable instruction in burner, flare, and incinerator technologies.

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Galaxy TM MPGF

Enables a high performance, low cost system with more throughput per burner, smaller plot space requirement, and improved longevity.

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Compact Flame Ultra Low-NOx burner that combines low emissions, shortened flame lengths, and low maintenance.

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Drone Surveys

State of the art drone-based inspection for a complete evaluation of elevated and ground-based flare systems.

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Watch the video  – UOP Callidus Drives Innovation

A proven path to reduce emissions and increase profits

Refiners, petrochemical producers, and gas plants require efficient, reliable and environmentally-sound combustion and vent streams. Around the world, operators help satisfy their need for safe and compliant technology with on-time delivery from Honeywell UOP Callidus. Our continued commitment to advanced research and quality manufacturing helps result in safe, high performance, cost-effective solutions for any application. We can continue to support you beyond the technology with services ranging from turnkey installation to field support.