UOP History

A Century of Innovation

In the hundred years since UOP was founded, the world’s population has quadrupled while world GDP has grown by more than 700 percent, adjusted for inflation. This incredible growth was fueled by the oil and gas industry, led in many cases by technology from UOP.

1. Founding Years UOP was founded in 1914 to commercialize 12 inventions held by Jesse Adams Dubbs, born in Pennsylvania oil country. He fell naturally into the oil business. Read More 2. A Transportation Revolution Gasoline became the fuel in internal combustion engines. Mass production of automobiles generated new demand for gas. Read More 3. The Peace of 1931 In 1931, faced with an adverse judgment in favor of UOP, a consortium of defendants banded together to purchase UOP for $25 million. Read More 4. The Birth of Catalysis In 1933, Ipatieff introduced solid phosphoric acid as a catalyst to stimulate even higher yields of gasoline from crude oil. Read More 5. The Next Big Thing After World War II, UOP recruited the president of the Arkansas Natural Gas, David W. Harris. He negotiated new deals to keep the company afloat. Read More 6. The Conglomerate Period The American Chemical Society sells UOP to shareholders in a 1959 public offering. Read More 7. The Answer Company UOP introduced CCR Platforming™ which led to lead-free gasoline, followed by the catalytic converter -- both removing millions of tons of air pollutants. Read More 8. A Friendly Acquisition A conglomerate by 1975, UOP consisted of our traditional petroleum business – and the Construction, Water, Air Correction and Chemical Divisions. Read More 9. A Honeywell Company Oct. 3, 2005, Honeywell announced the purchase of Dow’s 50 percent stake, closing the deal that made UOP a wholly-owned subsidiary of Honeywell. Read More